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Micronization           Pečeť vysoké kvality mikronizace

A modern scientific method that makes it possible to reduce the particle size of active ingredients.

What’s it good for?

Micronization makes the active ingredients easier for your body to absorb: they dissolve quicker and start to work faster. As a result, the active ingredients and other substances used in the tablet have a greater effect on the organism.



Complete dose of nutrients in a single capsule

In some cases, nutrition supplements contain substances that degrade each other when mixed. That is usually prevented by using several tablets and capsules at once, which is highly inconvenient.

Obrázek kapsle naplněné tekutinou

After a long development process, we have managed to launch a unique product called Pregnaval® DUO, which contains a complete daily dose of all the required nutrients (for mother and child from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy) in one capsule. The capsules are filled with the unsaturated fatty acid DHA, in which the solid components of this nutrition supplement are suspended in pellet form.

Potentiation of active ingredients

Active ingredient potentiation is the ability of some natural substances to increase the biological benefit derived from both natural and synthetic bioactive substances. One of the most important substances of this type is the alkaloid piperine, derived from black pepper seeds.

Koření v misce

 What’s it good for?

Because the potentiated natural substance is released before the active ingredient, it primes your organism to make better use of the active ingredient released from the capsule or tablet.



Peletization and multilayer coating

Multilayer coating means that pellets with active components can be coated with various layers that allow the active ingredients to be released gradually in the body and in the precise place where they can have the greatest effect.

Peletizace a vícevrstvé potahování


Vegetarian capsules

Logo Vegicaps kapslí vhodných i pro vegetariány

Standard gelatin capsules are made from animal-sourced materials – most commonly animal bones, gristle and skin. By contrast, all the capsules we make are entirely plant-based. We make them from cellulose fibers, which are far more stable and extend the lifespan of the active ingredients. What’s more, they are also suitable for vegetarians.

Rostlina vyrůstající z kapslí
Vítězný design hliníkové tuby produktu Guergi Cover Foundation


In 2013 we won an award for best aluminum packaging from the European Tube
Manufacturers Association for the design of our Guergi Cover
Foundation’s aluminum tube.

Company introduction

Estheceuti is a Czech company that develops, produces and sells its own nutrition supplements and cosmetics products. The name is derived from two Latin words that mean esthetics/aesthetics and ceuticals (substances beneficial to the body).

Estheceuti was formed out of the expansion of GUERGI. It has operated on global markets since 2009. It is based in Prague, but you can find Estheceuti’s production capacities and development centers in several places in the Czech Republic and also in some countries in western Europe. We sell our products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and also export to Asia, the Middle East, north Africa and other countries.

Květina pod mikroskopem
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Product development

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Innovative technology processing

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Ensuring legal regulations

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Marketing and Sales Support

Our philosophy

The foundation of our philosophy is the belief that human health starts with a healthy lifestyle, which is closely tied to balanced nutrition. For that reason, we have made a commitment to bring our customers premium-quality nutrition supplements. Healthy self-confidence and mental wellbeing also have a big impact on human health. And that is why you will also find high-quality cosmetics products in our portfolio.

We want our hard work to be the key to your satisfaction. When developing products we draw on centuries of tried-and-tested knowledge about the favorable effects of a number of natural products on human health and enhance these effects through the latest science and research. We use highly innovative production processes and high-quality natural raw materials from all over the world.

The word “innovation” is a watchword and a mantra in our company: new techniques, new technologies and discoveries of new substances beneficial to the body. We will never give up on our innovative approach, as it is the only way we can bring you the highest-quality products that will not let you down.

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EstheCeuti s.r.o.

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Tel.: +420 233 344 360